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October 21st, 2007

10:00 pm - I Met JKR!
Okay, so Leaky and every other news site in the world has beaten me to the punch on reporting on the JKR event at Carnegie Hall last night, but that's not going to stop me from recording my thoughts for posterity. I was stupid enough not to bring my laptop or anything to take notes with or on, so all of my notes were scribbled down from memory after the fact, as soon as I could find somewhere to buy a notebook.  Bad fan!  But I was too consumed with not missing my train and not getting lost on the way to Carnegie Hall that it totally slipped my mind.

I'm not going to attempt a verbatim transcription or blow-by-blow report, as it's already been done better than I could have done it. But, here's what I have to add to the accounts I've already read. 

Let the rambling begin!Collapse )

Feel free to ask questions... I'm sure I'm forgetting things.

Oh, and does anyone know of a display case for books? I want some kind of plastic box that I can put them in, propped up and open to the signed page. Google is failing me miserably.

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December 17th, 2003

11:33 pm
Sorry, people. I'm lazy. Therefore, I only have a LiveJournal so that I can have a Friends page. Translation: Don't be expecting frequent updates... or any updates at all.

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